Civil War II: The Patriots vs. the Globalists

Monday, March 25, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
MARCH 25, 2013

“There is an American behind every blade of grass.” “Americans will never submit to tyranny”. “These are phrases which one often hears as we contemplate how much control the globalists have gained over our country and over our lives.

This also begs the question, can the Patriots defeat the Globalist forces which have hijacked our government in an upcoming civil war? To answer that question, let’s take a look at the new technology possessed by the globalist forces.

Much has been made about the number of foreign troops training on our soil. Many have speculated that these troops would soon be employed to seize American citizens guns in order to quell domestic disturbances and to round up dissidents, because these foreign mercenaries would have no hesitation to fire on American citizens if told to do so. Soon, the presence of foreign troops on our soil could be a moot point because of the exotic weaponry being rolled out by DARPA and the Pentagon. Soon, the greatest threat to Americans will not come from foreign troops, it will come in the form of automated machines which can operate under human control or even scarier, autonomously carry out mission objectives on their own volition.

Even though American citizens could be the only intended targets, the now well-publicized DHS massive ammo purchases, as well as the purchase of 2700+ armored vehicles are just the tip of the iceberg related to the dangers that Americans are facing. And if the DHS ammo purchases are not concerning enough, proof of the globalists’ intention to place Americans on the most endangered species list with its domestic UN and foreign assets, every American should consider what are the soon to be DARPA “toys” of DHS.

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