Saturday, March 23, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Chip McLean
January 12, 2013

Is there anyone remaining with an IQ above room temperature who actually believes that the Republican Party believes in limited government, as defined by the U.S. constitution? If so, they have either been hibernating or have been in complete self-denial.

Every election cycle the Republican Party counts on its “conservative base” to dutifully turn out and mark their ballot for whatever candidate has been selected by the GOP leadership. We are told ad infinitum that doing so will keep the Democrat liberal demons from furthering their agenda. The inside the beltway establishment has been chanting this mantra for years and in the process we keep getting Republicans who stand for nothing except their own political gain. Many of us knew the only hope was to change the status quo. The “tea party” became the embodiment of that hope for many, and for a brief moment in 2010 it actually seemed possible that there was some momentum for taking back the “party of Reagan.”

What happened?

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