Real-Russian Military On American soil- First Hand Witness

Thursday, March 7, 2013
By Paul Martin
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I read and heard about this some time ago, it is wild. What strikes me the most , is the women who saw the troops , said she was given a word, Judgment, another confirmation, and real! Not a big fan at all of the site, but an interesting site at that, ‘before it was news’, high on the conspiracy side.

After Sherrie’s post today regarding the Tennessee Guard stopping armored DHS vehicles from KY containing troops with strange dialects and uniforms, I decided to repost a compilation of eyewitness reports of Russian troops in the USA. The post has been updated with new info and also contains a couple of recent eyewitness testimonies.

In short, I saw two Russian soldiers in the Asheville Mall, Asheville, NC last night, Friday 2/9. They were walking towards me, two young men who didn’t look much older than 16 to me. They were both probably 6′-4″, but didn’t look like they weighed 150lb. They were both wearing full camo fatigues and what struck me first was the camo patterns were different from what I had seen. But the camo patterns each had on were different from one another (one was a dark digital, the other more of a darker woodlands). My wife later said one of them’s undershirt was white and blue stripped (like what I think the Russian navy wears). As they got closer, I could see the pins and badges on their fatigues and I saw a pin on the closest ones right chest pocket that was a white flag with something in the upper corner and I knew… Russians!

I couldn’t believe it. I have been hearing about it, but to actually see it… I was dumbfounded. Here. In Asheville. I didn’t know what to do.

First response was anger, like I wanted to fight (not really like me). I was staring when they went by to the point they must have noticed cause they wouldn’t look at me. I noticed the one had one star on his shoulder lapel, like a brigadeer general here. Don’t know what that meant, I know he wasn’t old enough to be a general or even an officer for that matter.

It broke my heart. Soon as I walked by all I could think of was how this country has been given away. Sabotaged from within. Openly.

Then, seconds after that, we passed a group of 4 or so teenage kids. They were all dressed goofy, kind of goth I guess, but one of them really caught my attention. He (and it took some effort to confirm it was indeed a he) had on pink, what looked like womens, skinny capri pants on. They came up nearly to his knees. He had those big hoop gauges in his ears and some kind of whacky hair-do. His shirt said something like “Yes, I am proud of my lifestyle”. I am 99% sure that is exactly what it said.

Anyway, the Spirit spoke one word to me, clearly, instantly (and I’m still thinking about the Russians, looking at this messed up kid), and it was “JUDGEMENT”. I had heard it before in this wild upsetting dream I had several months ago and I knew it… judgement.

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