The Ten Region World Order is Now Rising.

Thursday, February 28, 2013
By Paul Martin

Here is something that links together a great number of seemingly unrelated issues, and confusion in the news. When this map got my attention, it was featured in Gary Kahs book Enroute to Global Occupation (released 1992). The book chronicled Kahs insider discovery of plans by globalist powers to carve the world into ten economic, and political administrative regions. I encountered the book in 1993, and at the time there was nothing to distinguish it from all of the other unproven speculation of the day, much of which centered around the first years of the Clinton administration.

What you see as region 7, was at that time a patchwork of independent dictatorial powers with ideas and plans of their own. Iraq, Syria and Libya and Iran were protected with powerful military and communist bloc alliances. The possibility that these would or could be domesticated under unified regional control were not immediately believable, provable, and seemed far off into the future.

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