The Gun Grabbers Are Just Clueless About Reality and Legends in their Own Minds.

Saturday, February 23, 2013
By Paul Martin
February 22, 2013

If these people were not in places of power. I would laugh at them. They live in a bubble insulated from the people. They have no grasp on human nature. They have no realization of consequence for their action cause on innocent people. The think we need them and know better how to run our lives. They deceive the people. most of all lie to themselves. They think they’re Gods on this earth. The alpha Omega, the beginning and end of all things.

The are narcissist. It shows in their arrogance when they insult the intelligence of the American people like we’re dumb sheep. The number of the American people are still dumb down are starting to wake out of their trance. Millions of Americans aren’t fooled anymore. They are disgusted with Washington, Wall Street and the Elite. They give lip service to the microphone while behind the scenes make deals. Their willing accomplices the mainstream media is imploding. Their audience dwindling because they have lost credibility.

When we have a Chinese General saying gun ownership by private citizens is a human rights violation. What planet did he come from? Does he know the right of the people in China were denied the right of life and defense. Mao Tsa Tung deceived the Chinese people after the communist took over into turning in their guns, muskets and swords. After the guns were taken. Millions of innocent Chinese people died at the hands of the government. An example of a communist being a legend in his own mind thinking we Americans are stupid. We know better. Many of us have not forgotten history.

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