M6.9 – 15km SW of Obihiro, Japan

Saturday, February 2, 2013
By Paul Martin


Event Time

2013-02-02 14:17:34 UTC
2013-02-02 23:17:34 UTC+09:00 at epicenter
2013-02-02 07:17:34 UTC-07:00 system time

42.812°N 143.078°E depth=103.1km (64.0mi)

Nearby Cities

15km (9mi) SW of Obihiro, Japan
22km (14mi) SSW of Otofuke, Japan
78km (48mi) NE of Shizunai, Japan
82km (51mi) SE of Shimo-furano, Japan
842km (523mi) NNE of Tokyo, Japan

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