Time to roll back all gun bans

Friday, February 1, 2013
By Paul Martin


Someone asked me recently what might make a good compromise with those at war with the Second Amendment.

My answer is there is no compromise. In fact, we have compromised too much in the past, opening the door for the banning of classifications of firearms that will, if unchecked and not reversed, lead inevitably to an American society devoid of the weapons of meaningful self-defense – both against criminals and future tyrants.

In my opinion, the National Rifle Association’s initiative to provide armed guards at every school in America is ill-advised, timid and, in the long run, counterproductive.

It could even be embraced by the left to expand what is rapidly becoming a police state in America.

The answer is not just to fight current gun grabs and future gun grabs, it’s to push for the rollback of all previous bans on the classification of firearms – including automatics.

I say this as someone immersed in the tactics and strategy of the left. The left always pushes for more than they expect to achieve politically. Their results are surprisingly effective over the long run.

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