QB Projects Shadow Gold Price To Be $15,000 In One Year!

Thursday, January 31, 2013
By Paul Martin

January 31, 2013

Today the man who’s firm is well know for its $10,000 gold call told King World News he now believes that the price of gold should be substantially higher based on what has transpired with central banks. Here is what Paul Brodsky, co-founder of QB Asset Management, had to say in this stunning interview: “Clearly this week was just confirmation that the Fed cannot withdraw, and if anything they are probably going to increase their quantitive easing. I don’t think people should be expecting any surprises, the trend is your friend here.”

Paul Brodsky continues:

“The Fed can’t end QE, unless they want to see deterioration of credit in the banking system. This would feed through to a deterioration of debt in the broader economy. The Fed, ECB, and the Bank of Japan, they cannot stop creating new base money.

I think the rhetoric that comes out of the Fed and other central banks should be viewed as jawboning….

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