Peter Schiff & Doug Casey On Gold, Investor Cluelessness, And The “Escape From America” Plan

Thursday, January 31, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

In just under 30 minutes, contrarian libertarians Peter Schiff and Doug Casey muse on many facets of the crumbling edifice of the status quo that is our current world. The conversation is wide-ranging and absolutely must-see as they remind market-watchers that “the whole thing is artificial.” You can’t just keep printing money and monetizing debt without the dollar imploding even with monetary policy descending (along with its trillion dollar coin) into ‘Three Stooges’-like comedy. The conversation ranges from gold heading to $5,000 and beyond (and why) to Schiff’s father’s imprisonment but ends with a discussion of what the future brings: “the biggest change that is coming to the global economy is a realignment of global living standards,” and that will not play well for the USA. It’s hump-day, grab a beer and watch…

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