DHS Boss Praises Trampling of Posse Comitatus at National Police Confab

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
January 29, 2013

Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano addressed a joint session of the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Major County Sheriffs’ Association winter meetings on Monday.
During remarks boasting about the wonderful job the federal government has done in violating and rendering irrelevant Posse Comitatus, Napolitano conflated “gun violence,” “active shooter incidents” and “violent extremism.”

From a press release on the DHS website:

Secretary Napolitano also underscored the Department’s collaboration with law enforcement on countering violent extremism. In September, the Department, in collaboration with the FBI, launched a new training resource webportal, which provides access to hundreds of countering violent extremism training materials, case studies, analytic products, and other resources. It also provides a platform for communication and information sharing about countering violent extremism among law enforcement agencies across the country.

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