Bioterrorism Homemade in the USA

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
By Paul Martin

Catherine J Frompovich, Contributor
Tuesday, January 29, 2013

With all the talk and concern about terrorism, including labeling law abiding citizens “domestic terrorists” because they are troubled about the course the USA is taking, one has to stop and wonder about what’s going on regarding bioterrorism and bioweapons by our government and Homeland Security, two miles off Long Island, New York, in a place called the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) on the infamous Plum Island.

Plum Island houses research facilities that ‘dabble’ in all classes of Frankenstein-like experiments, viruses, bioweapons research, and possibly even different life forms. In July 2008 a creature dubbed the “Montauk Monster” [1] washed up on the Long Island shoreline, followed later by a couple more. A coincidence?

According to those supposedly in the know, PAIDC is in violation of the Geneva Convention. Plum Island’s apparent grotesque—if not surreal—agenda got started under the auspices of Nazi scientist Eric Traub, who worked for Adolph Hitler in the germ warfare lab under Heinrich Himmler, one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and one of the persons most directly responsible for the Holocaust. [2] Traub was brought to the U.S. under Operation Paper Clip. [3] In 1951 Traub took over operations at Plum Island and became known as the “godfather of Plum Island.” Traub’s ‘specialty’ was infecting mosquitoes and wood ticks with viruses! Some folks, like Randy Sykes, believe Lyme disease originated on Plum Island. Sykes even found a patent pertaining to infecting ticks with viruses.

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