That Creaking Noise You Hear is the Walls Closing-in on ‘Far-Right’ Patriots, ‘Christian Identity Groups’, and Other State Enemies…

Thursday, January 24, 2013
By Paul Martin
24 JANUARY 2013

Here it comes already: apparently stocking up on billions of rounds of ammo (25 shots for each and every Republican), supplying DHS with a panzer division, and purchasing body armor/bulletproof checkpoint booths wasn’t enough to make our ‘likeable; president feel secure-

So besides attempting to snake your guns, Obama is now taking on the military establishment, demoting officers who dare to ask questions -or are unwilling to fire on US citizens- while this dangerous nut attempts to seize control of (and politicize) the Pentagon as thoroughly as he has just about every other federal agency in existence.

As was recently revealed, a new military exam describes peaceful political protest -i.e. the TEA Party- as ‘low-level terrorism’ (!)… NOW Obama has West Point’s premier terrorism think-tank working on his showcase second-term propaganda project: painting YOU -the traditional American- as a terrorist enemy to be constrained, controlled… and if necessary destroyed.

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