Antibiotic resistance is now as serious a threat as terrorism and could trigger an ‘apocalyptic scenario’, warns UK’s top doctor

Thursday, January 24, 2013
By Paul Martin

Dame Sally Davies said people may die from routine infections after surgery within 20 years
This is due to a lack of effective antibiotics
Says situation so serious that the issue should be added to Government’s list of civil emergencies

By Anna Hodgekiss
24 January 2013

Growing numbers of drug-resistant diseases could trigger an ‘apocalyptic scenario’ comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack, Britain’s chief medical officer warned yesterday.

Dame Sally Davies said there was risk that within 20 years people going for simple operations would die of routine infections because we may ‘run out of antibiotics’ that work.

She told MPs the threat from infections that are resistant to antibiotics was so serious that the issue should be added to the Government’s national risk register of civil emergencies.

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