Prominent Gun-Control Advocate Compares Firearms Owners To Nazis

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
By Paul Martin

Veteran passionately defends Second Amendment at Chicago anti-gun forum

Steve Watson
Jan 23, 2013

A pro-gun control meeting held by New Trier Democrats in Glenview, Chicago, turned into a raucous exchange Sunday when most of the audience members took offense to comparisons of gun enthusiasts to Nazis.

The event was labeled as a forum on “Guns and Public Safety” and a “space for real conversation,” however, it quickly became clear that the organisers were vehemently in favour of strict gun control measures, and very much against the protection of Second Amendment rights.

Audience members felt they were being subjected to one sided presentations and slideshows, and attempted to question the speakers at the event, only to be repeatedly told they could not speak and should reserve their questions and comments for the Q&A at the end.

Speakers included Mark Walsh, campaign director of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence; Lee Goodman, of the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition; and Northfield residents Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins of the Million Moms March and her husband, author and gun control advocate Bill Jenkins.

It was emphatically obvious that the event represented an all out assault on Second Amendment advocates, and over two thirds of the 160 strong crowd began to shout down the speakers in protest.

At one point, as reported by the Wilmette Sun Times, speaker Bill Jenkins referred to manufacturers of guns and ammunition as “A desperate group of people that are really in financial trouble.”

Things got really heated, however, when Jenkins displayed a photograph of a Nazi rally on a screen with the caption, “this is what a gun show looks like”. Following that he displayed a picture of a chihuahua with the words “this is what I think the NRA really is”.

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