Final Pulse May Be A Stunning $8,000 For Gold & $500 Silver

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
By Paul Martin
January 23, 2013

The following chart was put together exclusively for King World News by Kevin Wides, out of Switzerland. Once again, this is a way for all King World News readers globally to take an important step back and look at the big picture in both gold and silver as we kickoff 2013. These charts show the final pulse higher for gold may stretch to over $8,000, and over $500 for silver.

“Value is relative as Bloomberg recently reported on the sale of a 1794 silver dollar, which may have fetched as much as $7 million. Scarcity is the driving factor for value, from rare coins, to fine wine, to a Picasso. Various King World News guests have commented about shortages in the physical metals, and also that Western central banks have likely leased out most of their gold.

This means there is the very real potential for an exponential price move in physical gold and silver. The other side of this value perception is prices fall when there is excess supply, and fiat money is definitely in excess supply….

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