Gun Bill Suicide for Dems Seeking Re-election

Monday, January 21, 2013
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
January 21, 2013

Republican Sen. John Barrasso said he doubts Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring most of Obama’s anti-Second Amendment proposals to the floor this session.

“He has six Democrats up for election in two years in states where the president received fewer than 42 percent of the votes,” Barrasso said on CNN. “And he doesn’t want his Democrats to have to choose between their own constituents and the president’s positions.”

Barrasso said Americans are more worried about the economy and the national debt despite CNN’s Candy Crowley’s assertion that they are fixated on rolling back the Second Amendment.
Although White House senior adviser David Plouffe believes outlawing firearms will be a tough sell, he told CNN it remains at the top of Obama’s political to-do list.

“I think there are 60 votes in the Senate, 218 votes in the House, if the process can just play itself out and we can really get votes on some of these things,” Plouffe said. “But it’s going to be hard work.”

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