American Patriots Rally Around the 2nd Amendment – NWO Crowd had Better Open Their Eyes, Ears and Minds-This is Only the Beginning

Sunday, January 20, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Mark Schumacher
January 20, 2013

We American Patriots around our great country are starting to wake up to the fact that we have been systematically separated from our Bill of Rights embedded within our constitution. It started when we elected a president that wasn’t eligible for office. Things started going downhill fast from there. The cowards who call themselves leaders who are currently in office could care less. All they are concerned about is how long they will remain implanted in office.

Even more disturbingly, many of these so called leaders are the youngest elected officials we have had in office for at least the last 30 years. The freshman’s are set to take control at some point and we patriots must make sure that they do not follow the corrupt ways of their elders. They have had an eyeful, and must be reined in. The old guard is fighting to stay in control; they are starting to feel the pressure. We as patriots must keep these old guard traitors to our constitution aware that the end is near.

The 2nd Amendment has brought us together like never before, and frankly it comes as no surprise, our forefathers knew what the hell they were doing. We Americans have been forced to endure corrupt financial institutions backed by our own elected officials. We have been forced to endure illegal drones flying over our heads collecting god knows what information from we the people. We Americans have had to endure illegal immigration that has decimated our country’s very foundations that our forefathers built for us. Fought and died for.

America is now 16.5 Trillion in debt because of corruption by past presidents doing nothing more than lining their fat pockets full of good ol’ boy cash, as well as their cronies overseas waiting to cash in on mega projects that will drain America even more of her riches.

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