Obama’s Anti-Second Amendment Executive Orders May Result in Articles of Impeachment

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
January 15, 2013

If Congress will not attack the Second Amendment right of Americans, Obama has promised to do it through unconstitutional executive orders and actions, according to the New York Times.

“My understanding is the vice president’s going to provide a range of steps that we can take to reduce gun violence,” Obama said during a press conference on Monday. “Some of them will require legislation, some of them I can accomplish through executive action. And so I will be reviewing those today, and as I said, I will speak in more detail to what we’re going to go ahead and propose later in the week. But I’m confident that there are some steps that we can take that don’t require legislation and that are within my authority as President, and where you get a step that, has the opportunity to reduce the possibility of gun violence, then I want to go ahead and take it.”

Obama’s game plan designed to chip away at the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights was aided by the Soros and Rockefeller supported and funded Center for American Progress (CAP). The establishment Democrat think tank presented its recommendations on Monday, including both legislative proposals and executive orders.

“The Center for American Progress is recommending 13 new gun policies to the White House — some of them executive actions that would not require the approval of Congress — in what amounts to the progressive community’s wish list,” the Washington Post reported last week.

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