Why are we pretending?…Obama and his gang of grifters need to be removed from office or there will be no America

Monday, January 14, 2013
By Paul Martin

EK Robinson
Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why are we pretending? Pretending that elections in 2014 might change things, that elections in 2016 could too? Even now the Republicans and their talk show supporters are flailing about as if there is some future in electoral politics for them. They discuss strategy as if it mattered, not seeming to get that they have been marginalized. It is over. It is part of the plan.

The template for stealing elections in America at the national level has been set in the 2012 election. Given all the unvetted and demonstrable aberrations in this election, it has become crystal clear that the 2012 Presidential election was illegally determined and, by extension, so will every future election. Without addressing these issues the current president must be considered illegal and a usurper and every effort made to remove him from office. The complicit media (Baa, Baa) quickly buried all negative (i.e., truthful) information about this election. That the Republican Party has not vigorously investigated the election results is a sign of their weakness and/or complicity. After the 2014 elections, if held, Republicans will be gone. There will be no 2016 elections. Obama is right; he has run his last campaign, although he fully expects to be ‘Presidente’ when the next one rolls around.

Americans, by and large, are a trusting lot. They find it hard to believe that Obama and the Democrats are themselves as evil, nasty, arrogant and vindictive as they accuse the Republicans of being. But they are. Republicans, both national and individual, as well as most honest, law abiding citizens are shell shocked; criminal activity by national government officials at all levels are moving at dervish blur speed; who can keep up? The ‘administration’ counts on our trust of the system and belief that this is a nation of laws not men. They create a veil of confusion and obfuscation with an endless parade of brazen criminal acts, incessant and contradictory lies, and by stealing the nation blind in plain sight with displays of personal hubris that would make Nero blush. Obama told the truth about one thing, we are indeed seeing a transparent administration – never has one displayed such open corruption, with such an endless array of highly visible criminal acts, with many acts by any measure those of traitors, aided and abetted by a fully complicit media (Baa, Baa).

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