False Flags, Guns, Democide and Purges

Monday, January 14, 2013
By Paul Martin

Paul Adams, J.D.
Activist Post.com
Monday, January 14, 2013

History demonstrates that the globalist ruling oligarchy engineer tragic events to pass new laws that restrict the natural rights of citizens. The goal is always to centralize power so that the ruling few can have more power over the divided and conquered masses.

This strategy is known as Problem – Reaction – Solution: 1) create a problem (terrorism, war, economic collapse) and control the story behind it; 2) the public reacts and provides the desired fear and anger, thinking “something must be done” to remedy the problem or preventing future occurrences; 3) the people who created the problem offer the solution that they had intended from the beginning of this strategic process.

Currently, the criminal oligarchy that controls the United States government is attempting to use the Sandy Hook school massacre and Aurora Batman movie shooting (problem) to at least partially nullify the Second Amendment, which protects citizens from tyrannical government. The oligarchy’s corporate media, a dozen corporations that control about ninety percent of news, produce 24-hour propaganda to stoke public fear and anger (reaction). Now the oligarchy is moving to enact broad gun restrictions and/or confiscation (solution).

The oligarchy knows that crime drops significantly when the population has access to guns. Therefore, the right to bear arms must be revoked so that the citizens are defenseless, dependent, and subservient to government and its controlling criminal masters. Then, if necessary or desired, the final solution can be implemented: democide – massive population reduction likely with the assistance of foreign troops on U.S. soil.

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