No Retreat to Safety or No Wiggle Room to Back Off. The Establishment is in Trouble. This is Why They Want Us Disarmed

Sunday, January 13, 2013
By Paul Martin
January 12, 2013

The US government and the US Dollar is getting ready to collapse. The Federal Reserve cannot keep printing money out of thin air anymore. The American people are angry that Wall Street executives are not in jail. Banks are given a slap on the wrist for illegal foreclosures. Politicians are not prosecuted for the crimes against the people. The system is now like a cornered rats in desperation.

This is why there is a major push to come after the guns. In the face of massive increase of guns and ammunition sales after the Sandy Hook shooting and the rhetoric coming from the leftist and neo cons of gun control by legislation or executive order bypassing congress. Why for the big push to disarm the people?The cannot back off anymore nor can they retreat. They politically lost any wiggle room to back off nor do they have a place to safety for political cover anymore. They have no choice but to move forward in the face of mass opposition to their socialist agenda.

The lies told do not work anymore. They are exposed. They have no more credibility to be trusted. The robber barons and the sell out politicians are looking for a way out or there will be hell to pay when it all comes crashing down.

The reason why they are pushing for gun confiscation is not only to control the American people to tax and dominate. They want American disarmed before any economic crash can happen. It has been rumored that many in Washington DC are planning ways to leave the country. That is members of Congress, lobbyist and Bureaucrats responsible for the implosion. I hear through the grapevine the political class are applying for foreign visas so they can escape the wrath of the American people. The power structure inside the beltway knows there is a very good chance gun control or confiscating the guns will not work at all. It will fail and now feel it will fail. They is why they are looking for a way out before the feces hits the fan. They know the jig is up.

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