A Message to the Communist Insurgency on Gun Control – ‘Give it a Go’

Friday, January 11, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Henry Shivley
January 11, 2013

The propaganda machine is probing every orifice looking for a point of entry as we American nationals stand in determination that the infringements upon our Bill of Rights are going to stop forthwith. The communists on MSNBC are all but breaking down into a titsy fit as they admit that their 2nd Amendment infringements cannot pass through any legitimate constitutional process.

They have taken to telling the most blatant lies, saying 75% want high capacity magazines banned. Oh yeah, we are going to believe that with a million high capacity clips on back order with just one company. And in reality this is what is killing the propaganda as the gun, clip, and ammo sale numbers cannot be distorted through lies based on fabricated percentages. The only poll that has been accomplished in reference to further infringement on our 2nd Amendment says 74% are stating emphatically, “No more”.

Joe Scarborough and company are grasping at straws, saying the Republicans must yield or their party will be rendered impotent at the next election and fall to destruction in supporting the NRA.

In the first place Joe Scarborough is a Republican communist and we the people know that there are only two sides to the fence, the communist insurgency and the American national.

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