Swiss Gold Refiners Overwhelmed, Major Delays In Deliveries

Thursday, January 10, 2013
By Paul Martin
January 10, 2013

Today Egon von Greyerz told King World News that Swiss gold refiners have been overwhelmed with orders for physical gold and buyers are now experiencing major delays in deliveries. Here is what Greyerz, who is founder of Matterhorn Asset Management in Switzerland, had this to say in this remarkable, exclusive interview: “I had stated previously that gold would bottom in the last week of December, and this is what happened. That daily, intraday low that we’ve seen was a screaming buy both fundamentally and technically. I can tell you there were many banks and other parties taking advantage of this low, Eric.”

Egon von Greyerz continues:

“This is important information for your (readers and) listeners: There has been major buying in the physical market as gold came down in the last week of December, and the first week of January. The Swiss refiners are now working at absolute full capacity.

There is a delay in fulfilling orders….

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