The Fabric Of Society Is About To Rip Itself To Shreds. Society Must Have 3 Things In Order To Function. All Are Destroyed.

Sunday, January 6, 2013
By Paul Martin
January 6th, 2013

The fabric of society is a very fragile thing. Most of it depends on imagination in order to operate and function. Say when most Americans wake up in the morning, they expect and accept many things as being true. They function all day long believing in these truths. Some work towards retirement, others barely make ends meet, and still others cannot cut it and stand around waiting for the proverbial government hand out.

There are 3 main keys that allow this system to function, and all 3 are now not only in question, but collapsing.

1. A functioning currency, “the dollar is king”. This is no longer a true statement, most countries around the world have dumped the dollar, it was first backed by gold and silver, then it was backed by the promise of labor, and future labor, and now even that lie has become unrealistic. If math were involved in this investigation it wouldn’t take one very long to realize that with the unfunded liabilities, and all the hidden debt, and the fact that this economy is now running off of constant money injection, that there aren’t enough jobs, or laborers to ever cover the debt let alone pay it back. Stack on top of that pile a big stack of weapons of mass destruction like derivatives, and it is instantly game over, check match.

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