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Friday, December 28, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Michael
December 28th, 2012

In America today, there is an all-out attack on the values that this country was founded upon. Many of the people that are involved in these attacks actually claim to “love America” and yet they viciously attack the values and the principles that were foundational to what early Americans believed. In particular, there are two documents that were greatly cherished in early America that are being relentlessly assaulted today: the U.S. Constitution and the Bible. In colleges and universities all over America, students are being taught that these documents are “flawed” and that they need to “evolve” as society changes. Those teaching this philosophy honestly believe that modern values are far superior to the values found in those documents. They are convinced that it is foolish to be “bound” by the wisdom of the past. That is why they love to refer to the U.S. Constitution as a “living, breathing document”. They believe that they should be able to “reinterpret” the Constitution without going through the hassle of the formal amendment process. And of course we have seen courts do this over and over again in recent years. When they feel it is necessary, our politicians and our courts will even openly ignore the Constitution when they feel it is necessary. At this point, the Constitution has been so watered down and so many of our freedoms and liberties have been stripped away that we really don’t have much of a Constitution left. Sure, it is still there on paper, but our nation really doesn’t follow it anymore.

Of course a similar thing could be said of the Bible. In colleges and universities all over America, the Bible is relentlessly attacked. Trust me, I have sat in university classrooms where it happens. The goal is to cast doubt on it, discredit it and make it as irrelevant as possible. In other words, they are trying to do the same thing to the Bible that they are doing to the U.S. Constitution.

But those two documents were the two most important documents in the early years of the United States.

Those two documents contained values and principles that helped make our country great.

Unfortunately, today we think that we “know better” and we are turning our backs on those values and principles.

So do you hate America and the values and the principles that it was founded upon? The following are some indications that you might…

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