Government Should Disarm Itself If they Are Concerned About Mentally ill People With Guns.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
By Paul Martin
December 23, 2012

Looking at people in government. They are the ones with mental illnesses. They are the ones not in their right mind. Many are control freaks with obsessive and compulsive disorders. They are narcissist, they are psychopaths, they are sociopathic. They have no remorse and nor feel any pity. Many don’t have a conscience. The Federal government is full of people with severe mental disorders.

Lets look at the TSA. They are not in their right minds. Who gets their jollies sticking their hands down people pants? They get off seeing people humiliated and in tears. They have no compassion to recognize a person’s dignity or their personal boundaries. The TSA is full of people who are sociopathic and kleptomaniac because they steal often.

The people in office who wants to disarm us designating us all mentally ill so we cannot own guns are going to run into a real problem. They are the sickos and we are not. They are so drunk on power. They have become narcissistic thinking we need them and sociopathic because they will stop at nothing to hold onto their power.

Lets look at our leadership and see if they are of a sound mind.

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