Investors Must Catch The Next Massive Play To The Upside

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
By Paul Martin
December 25, 2012

Today 40-year veteran, Robert Fitzwilson, wrote the following piece exclusively for King World News. Fitzwilson, who is founder of The Portola Group, tells investors it is absolutely critical that they catch the next massive play to the upside in global markets, where the wealthy and powerful have already positioned themselves.

Below is Fitzwilson’s exclusive piece for KWN:

“Chutes and Ladders is a very popular board game. It has deep historical roots, and was originally developed in India. One of the early names by which it was called was “Snakes and Ladders”. The original game involved the concepts of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and fate (karma). The performance of a good deed allowed for the climbing of a ladder to a higher existence and fate. A bad deed led to a snake and a descent to a lower level of existence and worse karma.

We would characterize the current status as “Chutes and Almost No Ladders”. Bad deeds are being used by the powerful as personal ladders to a higher, more powerful fate, while the majority of us are inexorably sliding down chutes to a lower one. The good deeds of the past such as hard work, moderation, thrift, savings, and retirement planning are being swept aside. What was once a mindset of increasing abundance and charity is devolving into a global zero sum game where those with power seek more control and wealth at the expense of the trusting and the weak….

The Rest…HERE

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