The Mass Society, the Leadership Society, and the Totalitarian Threat

Saturday, December 22, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Michael S. Rozeff

The federal government is becoming more and more totalitarian, and it is spreading this down to states and local governments. Collecting information on everyone is a prominent control mechanism of a police state. It’s easier for the government to institute this than supposed. It does it in steps, with each step being rationalized by its supposed benefits to security. Each step is done in the name of protecting society, but each step forcibly ends peaceful social relations and erodes their foundation.

It’s harder to escape the police state once it’s in place than might be supposed. The government controls people through the currency, settlement of transactions, communications, transportation, licensing, drones, informers, and of course guns, among other means. We can’t all run away to fortified farms or live on a big self-sufficient farm on top of a limited access hill.

Alex Jones has been reporting on expanding privacy intrusions since last March and before, as here and here. Add to this the Patriot Act, the excessive claims of power by Presidents, the militarization of police, and the blurring of spy agencies and police and military agencies. Add to this the power to search anyone at almost any time. Add to this the possibility of labeling almost any activity as terrorist or in support of terrorism, and what results? We get totalitarianism.

America has many societies. The great and undistinguished masses of Americans form a society, the mass society. I do not mean this in a pejorative sense. Apart from the mass society is another society. This is the Leadership. It’s also been called the Establishment or the Elite. The Leadership is a society open to whoever enters it by dint of desire, fame, power, money, influence, election, or a leadership position over large numbers of people in the mass society. People in the Leadership are either in the government, supporting the government, or controlling the government. Government and Leadership are fused. They permeate one another. Mass society is there for their control and management.

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