Turk – Anti-Gold Propaganda Won’t Stop Monetary Destruction

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
By Paul Martin

December 19, 2012

Today James Turk spoke with King World News about desperate steps and increased propaganda which are being undertaken by the Western central planners in an attempt to keep the gold and silver markets subdued. This is the third and final in a series of interviews with Turk that was released today which reveals the increasingly desperate moves and propaganda we are now seeing emanate from the West.

Eric King: “You brought up whether it’s really gold (we were seeing in the Bank of England’s gold vault? We don’t know what we were looking at in that vault.”

Turk: “Yes. And we don’t really know what’s sitting in Fort Knox, if anything. You know they (central banks) operate behind closed doors, Eric, and you just sort of have to believe….

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