The End Game Approaches

Monday, December 17, 2012
By Paul Martin

Monday, 17 December 2012

In attempting to capture the pulse of what is (or should be) at the heart (of increasing numbers) of questioning and concerned minds out there these days, I could not help but be struck by this essay entitled Anatomy Of The Endgame (thanks to the people at Zerohedge), so I thought I might make a few comments along this line of thinking as well. As you might know if reading my work for some time, this subject matter is definitely not new to my repertoire, where a good speculator is continuously attempting to picture the future. (i.e. in proper context.) However now that we are actually coming closer to such times concerning the present global financial system, the importance of what the future might hold for all of us takes on ‘new meaning’ because you can see it coming in all its colors – sovereign debt defaults, hyperinflation of the currency, and an end to life as you now know it.

This is of course why you should be very interested in these writings, and in getting prepared for the economic end game that is approaching, because it will be a radical game changer, especially for those ill prepared – which is just about everybody. Most have been existing on the hope that America will continue to muddle through (especially the larger bureaucracy), however increasing evidence is suggestive day(s) of reckoning are coming for unsustainable excesses, excesses that to this day continue to be forced on the masses. Because like Europe, if the US does not respond to economic reality by continuing to kick the can down the road, ratings agencies will be forced to respond at some point as well. In terms of the financial markets, this, above all other considerations, could accelerate an unraveling, where secular tone in rising interest expenses for both government and the private sector would be most unwelcome given our debt ridden balance sheets.

So it’s no wonder the expectation managing larger bureaucracy has clung onto this fiscal cliff thingy, which is nothing more than an attempt to fool ‘everybody’ that America is ready for austerity, when in actually its not. That’s right – all of Americas cumulative problems have been isolated into the ruse dubbed the ‘fiscal cliff’ (this is all you hear or read about on American waves / wires), where you can be sure a winner of a deal (wink wink) will be hammered out before Christmas (so the stock market doesn’t crash) so that nobody shoots Santa while he’s sliding down the chimney mistaking him for a desperate burglar. Heaven knows there will be much more of this sort of thing (thievery in general) at all levels moving forward. Of course can kicking the can down the road is also no longer possible, so it will be interesting to see just what comes as this realization hits home with all the fools and optimists next year.

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