Gold & Bond Markets Are Now At A Massive Inflection Point

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
By Paul Martin
December 11, 2012

Today Bill Fleckenstein spoke with King World News about gold and the bond markets now being at a massive inflection point. Fleckenstein, who is President of Fleckenstein Capital, also believes that the Fed will come to be, “… viewed as the enemy that it should have been viewed as all along.”

Here is what Fleckenstein had to say: “The angst people have about gold, you would think it was down 20% on the year instead of up. For the last twelve years while gold has been increasing in price, people have been uncomfortable and there has been a lot of talk about the bull market being over.”

Bill Fleckenstein continues:

“With the exception of a few brief periods, when gold did what it was supposed to exactly when everyone thought it should, people have been uncomfortable owning it. I think that’s the definition of a bull market.

I don’t know when gold will go wild….

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