Boycott the NFL Over the Latest Call for Gun Control and More

Monday, December 3, 2012
By Paul Martin
December 3, 2012

Boycott the NFL, they no longer speak for American values anymore

Boycott the NFL because they no longer speak for American values anymore. I have stopped watching games on the NFL years ago. To me it is the modern-day gladiator sports. It is just bread and circuses. The NFL is no more than an extension for homeland security. Back in 2010 when the Super Bowl was being played in the new stadium in Dallas Texas. There is one more reason to boycott the NFL. I want to watch a game in peace. I do not want to be looking around making sure some snitch is not going to turn me in for taking pictures of the cheerleaders.

This is a big reason we should boycott the NFL. We should have these games playing in empty stadiums if we have to be groped at the gate. Why do we want the NFL partnering with the Homeland Security with the if you see something say something. When I see the NFL teaming up with the secret police. Then I will say. I will not watch your games nor will I attend your events even I win free tickets.

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