President-for-Life, King of the World paving the way for Messiahship

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
By Paul Martin

Judi McLeod
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Make way for the Messiah!

This apparently is the new mantra for these grotesque and hideous post-election times.

Barack Hussein Obama is not only not denying his Messiahship, he’s basking in the new role cast for him by gloating supporters.

At Sunday’s Soul Train awards, Obama was nominated as “Our Lord and Savior” by Oscar-winning actor/comedian Jamie Foxx, who was answered by a wildly cheering throng.

The YouTube showing the cheering throngs to Foxx’s naming Obama “Our Lord and Savior” was mysteriously removed from the Internet yesterday morning.

Today comes news of artist Michael D’Antuono’s painting of a smirking Obama hanging from a crucifix on display until Dec. 15 at Boston’s Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery.

The painting, depicting Obama as Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns around his head and his arms outstretched like Christ himself when he was crucified, is Obama as Jesus Attempt Number Two.

D’Antuono calls his painting, “Truth”.

No true Christian—including a reelected president—would ever allow the term “Our Lord and Savior” or a painting of himself smirking from Christ’s crucifix to stand.

But there thus far has been no comment from the White House to try to set the record straight.

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