The Left And Right Are Miles Apart On A Fiscal Cliff Deal…(Reason?, It Can’t Be Fixed!!!!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
By Paul Martin

Bruce Krasting
Nov. 26, 2012

Should be a big week for cliff diving. All the deciders are back in town, and they will be talking. We got a whiff of what’s coming when #1 ranked Republican Senator Lindsay Graham (SC) squared off with #2 Democratic Dick Durbin (IL) on This Week.

These guys made it sound as if they were in love, with plenty of things to agree on. Graham said taxes had to go up, while Durbin said he was willing to put entitlements on the table. Those are huge concession.

I’m watching the show, thinking Grover Norquist (no tax increase pledge guy) must be crapping in his pants when Graham said:

“Grover is wrong.

“I will violate the pledge.”

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