Is ‘The New Normal’ Total Control?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
By Paul Martin

Anne Gordan, RN
Waking Times
November 26, 2012

It appears that food, air, water, power, pets, and your physiology, etc., are targets for control. Think about it. We have already unknowingly eaten GM food, been victims of toxic environmental disasters, un-leashed depleted uranium upon the earth, yet we sit on the sidelines watching total control unfold.

Today we have diseases that did not exist in the past, with odd symptoms. Clever people name them something and they become a new normal ‘abnormal’. For example, fibromyalgia, was not a popular diagnosis in the 60′s, yet today, it is more common, than not. We see ‘run away’ morbid obesity, and people who become helpless pharmaceutical repositories obediently following their prescribed chemical path. Each in hopes to actualize their dreams of being healthy and happy again.

For a few years, genetically modified mosquitoes have been released as experiments in the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and Brazil. Today, that manufacturer of these GM insects want to release millions in Britain, but not just mosquitos. This company has been recently working on genetically modifying the diamond-back moth in addition to the already released mosquito. The large British corporation has been working on the GM insects designed to kill off pests feeding on cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, fruit, and olives.

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