Saturday, November 24, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Greg Evensen
November 24, 2012

Like many of you, my memories now span over 62 years and ten lifetimes it seems of experience and horrific change. As I have observed the past five years, I am consumed with the dreadful sense of shame and guilt that I have failed to walk my children and grandchildren into a brighter future than what I had. Now when I stand with a group of veterans, many heads hang low when we talk of wars fought, battles won or lost and all for what…..? Daily heroism, lives cut short and friends lost because the call to “duty” was answered by men and women who believed they were advancing freedom for others and reinforcing the freedom we had been given 236 years ago. And when taps sounded in the hearts and minds of so many, each night as stillness and contemplation made its way into the room, heartbreak and a deep sense of the loss of country cannot be dismissed. The heart and soul of America has been held hostage to greed, tyranny and destruction for decades, but the crime bosses have entered that pitiful room where our nation’s dreams were imprisoned. The beating continued until finally, mortally wounded, America could withstand no more. In a moment of time, her soul was defeated, her deeply compassionate spirit was crushed and life as we knew it—-ended.

All of the second guessing and excuse making in the world cannot hide the results of this slow and agonizing death. America’s people preferred a string of lies and transition from freedom to slavery over bright and prosperous dreams yet to come.

Politicians and distortion artists in the national media took gullible and shallow minded citizens toward a future so grim and empty that the human mind struggles to comprehend it. Yet, on the eve of Thanksgiving 2012, we wonder with good cause, what could we possibly be thankful for. Herein lays the promise of the ever free American. No government, no leader, no established gang of rights stealing thieves can ever totally erase the yearning of freedom for people who know the ultimate freedom grantor. That is why there is great hope lying in the midst of such national governmental wreckage.

We have collectively desired the socialist horror we now live with each day. We as a nation have bought the river of filth that tells us that sodomy is a right, murder of our unborn is a right, starving our dying elderly is compassionate, drug use is a state sanctioned choice, leaving our soldiers to die is collateral damage, incompetent murderous Secretaries of State and Defense are excused by the President. A President who lies, when telling the truth is easier, carries the nation and is re-elected. A brave four star general and admiral are relieved of command for refusing to follow criminal orders. They could have rescued our people under attack and were trying to follow the soldier’s code of sending reinforcements to assist those brave men in battle fighting for their lives. Alice’s looking glass world could take some power point lessons from these traitors, liars, and killers smiling to the press as they lie daily to the American people. The blood of these victims cries out for justice from the citizens they swore to protect.

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