More Filings From Large & Influential Investors Buying Gold

Friday, November 23, 2012
By Paul Martin
November 23, 2012

Today one of the wealthiest men in the resource space said that in the very near future we should expect more filings from large and influential investors buying gold. Here is what Rule had to say: “We just had reports that both Paulson and Soros have been adding to their gold positions, which now total roughly $4 billion. It doesn’t surprise me that they are adding to positions. My suspicion is that in the coming months we are going to see more reports of large and influential investors doing the same thing.”

Rick Rule continues:

“I wonder what their alternatives are managing large amounts of cash? It’s pretty clear to me that the purchasing power of dollars is going to continue to decline. People holding Treasuries are losing a great deal of purchasing power.

The equity markets are a difficult place to invest large amounts of money because of the difficult economic conditions we face going forward….

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