Don Coxe – Investors Don’t Understand The Risk In The System

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
By Paul Martin
November 20, 2012

Today 40-year veteran Don Coxe spoke with King World News about what is happening in the markets. Here is what Coxe, who is Global Strategy Advisor to BMO ($538 billion in assets), had to say: “Well, what’s happening right now is the that stock prices are falling (since October 19th) because it turned out that one of the things the pollsters never asked people was, are you a serious investor? Who were you supporting, Romney or Obama? What we now know is that there were more serious investors supporting Romney, and they are pretty upset. So they are selling stocks.”

Don Coxe continues:

“You say, ‘Well why aren’t they buying gold?’ What they are doing, first of all, is getting their portfolios in line, and they are going to cash first. They realize that the so-called fiscal cliff is simply the first face of reality for the administration. But they are not going to come up with anything for it that gets the deficit down below 3/4 of a trillion dollars per year.

Nobody is suggesting that. They are saying they can’t afford to do that….

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