Obama’s War With The Military

Monday, November 19, 2012
By Paul Martin

There is palpable tension between the US military and the Commander-in-Chief today.

J.D. Longstreet
Monday, November 19, 2012

I get the sense that there is a powerful struggle going on just out of public view between the US Military and the Obama Administration.

When one stands back and objectively considers the manner in which the Obama Regime is using our military today, even with the slightest military training, it is fairly easy to see they are being badly used, placed at unnecessary risk, and probably worse, put on a leash.

To be absolutely honest, I suspect the Obama Regime fears a military coup to remove him and his socialist minions from power.

Come on! SOMETHING is going on! Look at the number of top generals relieved of duty or brought to public disgrace recently. And I believe there will more of this sort of humiliating put-down of our top brass in the days and weeks to come.

General Petraeus’ dalliance has been known for some time, rather a long time, in fact. It is said to have been an open secret among the men and women within the General’s sphere of influence. Why, suddenly, on the day after Obama’s reelection was his resignation demanded?

Within days, General John Allen is dragged into pubic scrutiny over what some say were flirtatious e-mails. It’s being billed as “potentially improper communications with a woman.”

Then there is General William “Kip” Ward commander of US Africa Command or “Africom.” He, too, has been publicly humiliated and demoted.

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