Journalist: TSA Agents Are Wearing Badges UPSIDE DOWN To Stay Anonymous

Monday, November 19, 2012
By Paul Martin

Writer threatened with arrest after asking for agent and supervisor’s names

Steve Watson
Nov 19, 2012

A prominent talk radio host and author who has had previous run ins with the TSA noted Sunday that many TSA agents are wearing their identification badges upside down, making it more difficult for travelers and anyone attempting to film the agents to identify them ahead of the Infowars led Opt Out And Film Campaign this week.

Amy Alkon, who is regularly published in over 100 newspapers in North America, described a recent exchange she had with TSA agents at JFK airport, during which agents “groped” her extensively and then refused to identify themselves when asked for their names.

Alkon and her partner were flying home from New York after attending the National Book Awards when they encountered TSA agents at the security lines.

“…there was no reason whatsoever to search me — to grope my breasts, graze my vagina, or touch me or my possessions in any way. But all of that was done to me, and Gregg was groped as well.” Alkon writes.

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