Sunday, November 18, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Betty Freauf
November 17, 2012

A friend recently sent me a UTube showing how the Internal Revenue Service raided a company in Arkansas called Mountain Pure Water Company. The employees were thrown up against the wall while the estimated 40 agents with guns went through everything in the office and the plant leaving with 80+ boxes of information. It’s been eight months since the raid and about 85% of their inventory and paper work has not been returned. The company owner, John Stacks, was not on the property at the time but returned while the raid was in process. With him was his son, an attorney who requested that he be allowed to enter the facility but der heimatland polizei denied the request.

The owner and his attorney son were told the agents were from the Federal government and can do whatever, to whomever and whenever they want. Outside the community these injustices are rarely reported. However, SIXTY MINUTES did report on the Gibson Guitar raid that so far has cost Gibson about $5 million in losses. Gibson in Nashville was raided in November 2009, when agents seized a shipment of ebony from Madagascar. They were enforcing the Lacey Act, a century-old endangered species law that was amended in 2008 to include plants as well as animals. Gibson was implicated in wrongdoing but hasn’t been charged with anything. The U.S. Justice Department won’t comment about the case it’s preparing, but a court motion filed in June asserts Gibson’s Madagascar ebony was “contraband.” And then there was the Duncan Outdoors in Arkansas treated in a similar manner and went so far as to confiscate funds from their bank accounts. And how many more of these raids hasn’t the mainline media not reported?

As I was watching the story about the Gibson Guitar raid, my mind raced to 2009 and the auto industry bailout. Chrysler Corporation was having dealerships closed which ran parallel with Obama’s boondoggle called “Cash for Clunkers.” As explained in more detail below, it was later revealed these dealerships being closed were contributors to Republican causes. Is President Obama now using the old Chicago-style tactics on other industries as well? One caller to a talk show said he’d been UAW all his adult life and he was going to vote Republican for the first time and he said there was scuttlebutt around the plant that suggested many other UAW workers were also going to vote for Romney. So what happened? All the free phones Obama gave out to the young people might have had something to do with it. Later in another UTube we can hear one young man praising Obama for that effort while other young people were heard chanting: Karl Marx, Karl Marx, Karl Marx. The 1919 Communist slogan was “Give us one generation of small children to train to manhood and womanhood and we will set up the Bolshevist form of the Soviet government.”

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