Israeli forces prepare for war as troops mass on Gaza border

Sunday, November 18, 2012
By Paul Martin

Anxiously scanning the skies for the vapour trails of Hamas rockets flying overhead towards their homes, Israel’s tank crews were preparing on Saturday for an invasion of Gaza.

By Phoebe Greenwood, Gaza City, Damien McElroy in Tel Aviv and Nick Meo
17 Nov 2012

Thousands of soldiers and hundreds of tanks and armoured vehicles were at muster points, as speculation mounted that Israel was to launch a ground offensive against the Islamists who control the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli cabinet called up 75,000 reservists on Saturday – many soldiers checking their weapons by Saturday night were at work in offices and factories on Friday morning.

“Morale is high. We are currently training and preparing for ground possibilities,” said Lt Col Avital Leibovich of the Israel Defence Forces. “This is isn’t like any other operation. This is to defend 3.5 million Israelis who are under rocket attack.”

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