Federal Government Seceded From the States and the Constitution.It Started in 1913.

Sunday, November 18, 2012
By Paul Martin

November 18, 2012

Federal Government Seceded a Long Time Ago. Way Before Obama Took Office. The Federal Government Seceded when the Federal Reserve Bank was Created

In 1861. The Federal government seceded from the states and our constitution first. The southern states broke away from the union. The reason is the Federal government broke the compact or contract. The Federal government overstepped their boundaries in the Constitution. Southern States seceding had nothing to do with slavery. It had everything to do with states’ rights.

In 1913. The 16th and 17th Amendment were announced ratified without three-fourths of the states. The Federal Reserve act passed on Christmas eve in 1913. It happened in the dark of night when Congress was in recess. A handful of congressmen and senators by a voice vote passed this backdoor legislation. President Woodrow Wilson singed the bill into law. The Federal government seceded from the Constitution for the bankers.

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