Guest Post: So How Many Ounces Of Gold (Or Silver) Should You Own?

Saturday, November 17, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Adam Taggart

There are many questions on the minds of weary precious metals investors after enduring the volatile yet range-bound price action of gold and silver over the past year:

Have the fundamentals for owning gold & silver changed over the past year? No
What are they? currency devaluation/crisis, supply-chain risk, ore grade depletion
How should retail investors own gold? Mostly physical metal, some quality mining majors (avoid the indices), and ETFs only for trading
Is gold in a bubble? No
Could gold get re-monetized? Quite possibly
Where is gold flowing? From the West to the East. At some point, capital controls will be put in place

Jeff Clark and Chris Martenson believe everyone should have exposure to gold and silver as a defense for preserving the purchasing power of their weath. The key question is: how much exposure?

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