Gun Confiscation will Fail. 15 Reasons Why It Will Fall Apart.

Friday, November 16, 2012
By Paul Martin
November 16, 2012

Gun Confiscation Will Fail Here. Too many Americans Have Had it With Tyranny. They are Fed Up With the System.

Gun confiscation will fail in America. Any efforts they try will fall flat on its face. Tyrants to think they can alter the gun culture that existed for over 300 years is delusional. The right of the people to be armed has been part of our heritage before America became a republic. These authoritarians are the enemies to a free people. These power freaks want us disarmed. Senator Diane Feinstein is calling for strict gun control laws. She just stirred up a hornets nest. Her with many gun grabbers want gun confiscation on a major scale. They want only the government to posses guns

Regardless what the President does. He can sign executive orders using the regulatory process in the bureaucracy. He can sign the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty this year. The Senate can ratify the treaty with two thirds concurring. He can appoint all anti gun justices to the Federal Courts and the US Supreme Court. Possibly tipping the balance of power with radical leftist judges. Regardless what the Obama White House tries to do to start gun confiscation. He will fail miserably.

Here are the 15 reasons gun confiscation will fail:

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