Top Expert on Indiana Blast: “It looks like methane” … “Military ammo dropped from a plane would cause similar damage” — Company: No evidence of leak in gas lines…(Along the New Madrid Fault! Yikes!!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012
By Paul Martin

By ENENews
November 15th, 2012

Title: Forensic expert examines fiery south side explosion; Citizens Energy evaluates home’s meter
Source: ABC 6
Author: Ebone Monet
Date: Nov. 15, 2012
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Citizens Energy Group said its workers have finished testing the gas meter for the home that exploded on Indianapolis’ south side Saturday. […]

With workers not finding problems with underground gas pipes, the National Transportation Safety Board has pulled out of the investigation. […]

Citizen Energy leaders say their workers haven’t found the cause either, with no evidence of a leak in the gas lines running to the homes.

Still, Indianapolis Homeland Security is convinced natural gas is behind the blast, and investigators are focusing on home appliances. […]

Director of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program Dr. John Goodpaster reviewed the explosion at the request of a local TV station:

“When you look at this damage, it literally does look like a bomb went off. It’s catastrophic”
“In terms of making a parallel, it’s equivalent to literally having a bomb dropped on you, so like a military ammunition dropped from an airplane would cause similar damage to this”
“It’s my opinion it looks like methane gas was the explosive and in that case you actually can’t identify that after the fact”

“You just have look at the scene itself, the type of damage that was caused”

It would take an appliance leaking gas for several days to create enough buildup to cause an explosion of this magnitude, but once it did, even something as simple as static could set it off
“We should also be prepared for that we may not find the ultimate clue. It may not be possible, given how much destruction has occurred, to actually confirm”

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