Obama’s Secret Directive Paves Way For Continued Military Cyber Offensive

Thursday, November 15, 2012
By Paul Martin

Administration has long been attacking other nations with malware viruses that are also infecting, compromising US infrastructure

Steve Watson
Nov 15, 2012

Following yesterday’s defeat of the draconian cybersecurity legislation in the Senate, it was revealed that back in mid October, president Obama signed off on a secret directive that will enable the US military to use newly created computer viruses to attack any organisation or country deemed to be a cyber threat. The president has already proved the willingness to carry out such attacks, as new details surrounding the 2010 stuxnet attack revealed earlier this year.
The Washington Post cited several US officials speaking under anonymity in a report on the development last night.

“The new directive is the most extensive White House effort to date to wrestle with what constitutes an “offensive” and a “defensive” action in the rapidly evolving world of cyberwar and cyberterrorism.” the report states.

“What it does, really for the first time, is it explicitly talks about how we will use cyber-operations,” a senior administration official said. “Network defense is what you’re doing inside your own networks. . . Cyber-operations is stuff outside that space, and recognizing that you could be doing that for what might be called defensive purposes.”

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