Petraeus Scandal Proves Email is Being Surveilled

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
By Paul Martin

Even the director of the CIA cannot escape the watching eye of Big Brother

Paul Joseph Watson
November 14, 2012

Almost lost amidst the speculation surrounding former CIA Director David H. Petraeus‘ extramarital affair is the question of how the FBI was able to hack Petraeus’ private emails without breaking the law.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano summarized during a recent Fox News appearance, the FBI could only have set about the process of intercepting Petraeus’ emails in three different ways.

1) The FBI would have needed a search warrant from a federal judge and to obtain it would have had to demonstrate that Petraeus possessed information related to a crime or was involved in a criminal activity.

2) The FBI would have had to write up their own search warrant under the Patriot Act in which case they would have had to demonstrate that Petraeus was involved in terrorist activity.

3) The FBI hacked into Petraeus’ CIA computer to obtain the emails, which would have been a criminal offense.

The circumstances clearly indicate that the FBI illegally hacked Petraeus’ computer and email account in order to obtain the emails. It has now been confirmed that Petraeus and his mistress Paula Broadwell used draft emails stored in a shared email account to communicate with each other – they didn’t even send the emails out over the Internet.

Although the surveillance aspect of the scandal has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, privacy experts are asking the hard questions.

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