Monday, November 12, 2012
By Paul Martin

By John Rolls
Monday, November 12, 2012

From: John Hagan
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 5:44 AM
To: John Rolls
Subject: USA R.I.P.

Well, it was great while it lasted. But with the reelection of Barack Obama as president, the America we have known all our lives is gone.

Those of us who believe in the virtues that made this country great, self-reliance, hard work, entrepreneurship, individual liberty, responsibility, etc., are now strangers in our own country. We will now live each day knowing that a majority of our fellow Americans have rejected these long-held beliefs in favor of massive government control over our lives. Given four more years, the Entitlement Society Obamais building will be complete. Robbed of the incentive to achieve or even work, increasing numbers of Americans will turn to the government teat.

And it’s possible that we may never again see a Republican president. Almost half of all Americans now rely on the federal government for support of one kind or another, and there will be so many in this category by 2016 and beyond, election campaigns will be dominated by warnings that to vote against the Democrats is to risk losing benefits. Most Americans, dependent on the government for survival in the wake of the economic collapse Obama’spolicies will cause, won’t dare take the chance of voting Republican.

Obama’svictory also means the MSNBC-ization of the entire mainstream media. Liberal advocacy journalism is now all-powerful in its ability to help defeat Republicans, and will become even more an arm of the Obama White House. And by the way, watch for a government crackdown on the Fox News Channel and conservative talk radio. How? They’ll find a way. When Obamatalked of “revenge,” he didn’t just mean revenge against Mitt Romney for daring to challenge him and revenge against America for the crime of becoming the most successful country on earth.

Also, with the media cover-up of Benghazi as a successful model, any and all negative developments that would affect Obamawill go unreported. This White House, this administration, will do whatever they want without fear of exposure in any meaningful way. The New York Times’ motto should be, “All the news that’s fit to omit,” a credo adopted by all mainstream media in this presidential campaign.

Watch for the war against achievers to escalate, to the point where it will be more comfortable in a social gathering to lie and say that one is on welfare rather than admit to owning or being part of a business. Just as people who smoke have become social outcasts, so eventually will people who earn a living in what remains of the private sector.

As for Congress, not only is it irrelevant that the Republicans still control the House, it would have been just as irrelevant if they controlled the Senate as well. With executive orders, government department regulations and simply mandating that something is so, Obamahas effectively ended our long-held system of checks and balances. He demonstrated in his first term that he can do whatever he wants, and this circumventing of Congress will be rampant in his second term.

This election was a clear choice for America between capitalism and socialism. Socialism won. We will now become what Obamahas wanted all along, a country brought to its knees as payback for the virtues he sees as vice . Over the next four years, everything we have held dear about America will fade away and Barack Obama will become the most consequential president in our history. Ronald Reagan may be remembered for his contribution to ending Soviet communism, but Obamacan top that. He will go down in history has having ended the United States of America as we’ve known it.

America has passed away. The funeral service is scheduled for January 20, 2013. I won’t bewatching.

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