The Anger Games

Monday, November 12, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Zen Gardner
Sunday, November 11th, 2012

How the “powers that be” play us is pretty much almost unbelievable. From election fraud to chemtrailed skies, pointless sports aggression and life stunting food, we are being had to such a degree it would make a conscious mind spit.

And it does.

The conscious are watching, observing, and unfortunately also absorbing all this crap we’re being bombarded with. Time is of the essence to respond accordingly. And not respond.

And the anger games are at play front and center.

Behold the staged world we live in. Be prepared–it’s disturbing and a major affront to your innate dignity.

Let the Games Begin

It’s almost a little too obvious. The idiocy of our enslavement is becoming so clear it’s getting to the tipping point of public exasperation and hopefully some kind of conscious reaction.

I don’t know. I’m honestly losing hope in humanity as the clock ticks. But I still know the Universe won’t fail.

In Spirit Tap – How the Manipulators Steal Your Fight I covered the media’s use of romanticized battles and conquests to sap the naturally self-liberating fight energy of the human spirit. The theater of the mind, so easily manipulated and depleted of useful energy by a false projection of reality.

What I didn’t cover, the other ways this is accomplished and the assault on our consciousness, also needs highlighting.

I’ll call it emotional displacement. Siphoning off our energies for ridiculous and meaningless detours, diversions and distractions.

I’m sure you’ll think of more examples of how this technique is played out on the human psyche, but these blatant displays are more than meets the eye when you look at the toll on human awareness and how limiting and diabolically clever these social engineering techniques can be.

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